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zombie survival rpg
2nd-Feb-2011 04:37 pm - 㚜 002
[in the outer areas of the compound, a young girl can be seen practicing firebending]

[bother, y/n]
 [Enough time had passed since that chat with S.L. for Seth to get back to her usual random broadcasts. Emphasis on random.]

Heeeey guys~!!! Guess what I found? No, really. Guess! [Barely a second passes before Seth bursts into giggles.] Okay okay, I'll tell you. I found these great recipes for pastries during my last outing!

Now I want you to guess who is trying to make them right now? [The feed dies. She's really going to let you guess this time.]
2nd-Feb-2011 12:50 am - ☲ 006 | radio
[slipping] empty
One month.

An entire month.

It's quiet here. Did everyone get killed?


I'm still looking for the woman with the long red hair. Tell me if you see her.

[feed out]
[pain] pick up the pieces, [pain] is too much
[ It's been a week since she got into the universe of the compound, but she's spent it all on her own. Running from zombies? Not her idea of a good time. Even worse is when they got a hold of her and decided to try and make her into lunch.

When she slouches against the wall beside the main door of the compound, she's clutching the radio with one hand, pressing it against her shoulder where there's a slowly healing zombie bite. Apparently, the infected have something in them that it's harder for her body to purge from her system -- at least, that was her assumption from the way the bites seem to be slower moving than any other wound or infection she's ever experienced.

With a strained grimace, she presses down the button to begin her transmission.

Can anyone hear me? Please, I -- [ some static interferes and she grimaces, the burny feeling of discomfort from the bite making her suck a breath through her teeth. ] I picked up a transmission from this place yesterday.

My name is Claire Bennet. If there's anyone alive in there, please. I can help.
26th-Jan-2011 01:29 pm - [ radio ]
You're all trying so hard to survive. Scavenging food, water, weapons...

It's all useless in the end, isn't it? You're all going to die. All of you. That's just how this game goes.
24th-Jan-2011 09:03 am(no subject)
Quiet Sunny Day
It had been a while in coming, but finally Itachi felt he had the team members he needed to make a run out to the nearest city for supplies. They had an old pick-up truck, filled with gas from the stockpile. Each of his team members was fully outfitted with weapons, and the truck also contained a large kit with water, protein bars and a first aid kit.

Itachi didn't bother sitting in the cab, uncomfortable with the enclosed space, and instead chose to hunker down in the bed at the back. He nods to Sasuke, Feldt and Diana. "Let's get going. If we see anyone in need of rescue, we extract them, but we try to keep moving. The compound needs food and other supplies, and I have some special requests, including tea and a soldering iron. We shouldn't have any difficulty finding that sort of thing in the town."

He pauses. "The mission is to locate a cache of food and bring back as much as we can carry, along with anything else we find that might be useful. Feldt, you're driving today. Diana can relieve you if you get tired. Don't rely on Sasuke or I to drive - neither of us has ever driven a vehicle of this kind before. Sasuke, you're on watch on the roof. I'll be watching our rear. Diana, you can relax inside and be prepared to fight if necessary."

He glances around. "Any questions?"

[OOC: I figure it's about time for a log XD!! I suggest we be loose about turn order since there are four of us. We'll do one main thread for heading to the town and searching for supplies. If anyone wants to be rescued, just start a separate thread and we can take care of that too.]
All residents must return to their living areas by ZERO HUNDRED HOURS. Any damage done to them is no fault of mine, you should be lucky that I gave you all warning. Damn brats.

[Though, if you're wandering around, you'd find out that there's a big coffin right behind her. Though, there might be an eerie song playing all over the compound and an odd shield starting to form. Then, suddenly a ragged cough over the radio. 8(;;; Guess who found their limit.]
20th-Jan-2011 10:40 am - 1st butterfly [radio]
With the recent influx, I'd like to remind current residents and inform the new ones that if one of the creatures manages to get inside the compound, or a resident begins to turn, please inform me immediately. They will be taken care of.

((ooc: Lula is the "undertaker" for the Compound, so if you have an established character and would like to get mad at her and/or make up zombie shenanigans, feel free! ♥))
17th-Jan-2011 01:19 pm - one ★ radio
We interrupt your usual broadcast to inform that yes, the hero is here, and he's going to save you all! So don't worry, citizens, I've got this all covered!

I'll be holding a meeting for those of you interested in restoring America back to the way it was. Feel free to tell me if you're interested in singing up in my brand new collation against the zombies. And this totally isn't the collation of the willing, it's the collation of kicking zombie ass!
17th-Jan-2011 12:07 am - ☲ 005 | radio/open
[slipping] downward glance
[remember Azula being desperate and trying to ward off the batshit talking about leaving the Compound to hunt for a way out yesterday? well, she's coming back now with a few deep cuts and a badly sprained arm, and you might see her walking through your hallways or talking over your radio]

... It didn't work; I didn't find anything.

This time. I'll go again later. Other people should look, too. If we were brought here, then there has to be a way to send us home.
17th-Jan-2011 01:47 pm - 四 ☣ radio/in person.
i need you to know
[You might have realised that you've been missing a ninja for a week or so now. As in, he just honestly hasn't been anywhere outside of his cell. The corner of his cell. Sasuke has been lying in his cell pretending to sleep every day for nearly a week since his encounter with Itachi, ducking out only for food and the occasional zombie slaughter without being seen. He's been thinking. A lot. And he hasn't really reached any conclusions.

But the point, and the good thing, is that he's finally emerged today. He doesn't look too great, considering he hasn't moved much in a week and he hasn't actually been sleeping so he's sort of exhausted, but he's moving. You can probably find him anywhere, since he's just wandering around the compound aimlessly, but you're most likely to find him either in the cafeteria or doing basic hand-to-hand combat move training in one of the empty rooms around the place. Feel free to ask what the hell he's been doing for the past week, or just bother him if you're so inclined. He even makes a radio post in the morning before he leaves his cell! Progress, right?]

Who wants to fight me? I need to train.
16th-Jan-2011 10:39 am - [ radio / open ]
[ She's been wandering around the compound, trying to find someone who knows where to find changes of clothing. Thinking of supplies, though, reminds her of something else. She asks the question over the radio, but she's fairly easily findable in person as well ]

Who's going to be going on supply missions?
13th-Jan-2011 12:09 pm - ☲ 004 | radio/open
I'm thinking about going outside. If the way home can't be found in here, it must be out there.

Is the partial loss of our powers an effect of just this building, or of the entire world?

[she's pacing in the hallway near the clinic, so feel free to encounter here there]
○ i'm into you and out again
[Slight static sound as Bella figures out her radio and turns it on finally.]

So. This is some weird shit. I wish I could say the weirdest I've ever experienced but that would be a lie.

[Slight sigh.] It's always something. [Mumbled to herself.]

Anyway. I'm Bella. I'm in quarantine. And I'm a little bored. I'd actually rather be out there helping with the zombie problem. But I guess I understand the need for a quarantine. But if anyone else is bored and would like to talk I'm open. I need something to do in here.
Quarantine wasn't so bad, in retrospect. It gave Dietrich time to organize his thoughts, and come up with some semblance of a "plan." Well, not even really a plan, but just a way to sort through the problems that had presented themselves with his arrival. Really, the zombies were almost an afterthought. Even with his strings so far gone, he was still more than capable of dealing with that threat if it presented itself. Not that it likely would. Dietrich was making the effort to play the part of the nice, gentlemanly technician. He didn't want to have to deal with the outside if he could avoid it.

And, surely, the Vatican and AX agents would take it upon themselves to be the martyrs and heroes. If they killed themselves doing it, it just made his job easier.

But, there was someone here that Dietrich wanted to see in person. His Baron had curiously come back from the dead. It was a surprise, but not one that Dietrich was very upset about. So he was strolling towards those quarantined cells. Radu would be getting out today, after all.

(ooc: anyone is welcome to meet him on his way there! lol what are timelines and continuity... prose and action are both welcome too~)
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